Strategic Planning. When the base is solid, the whole construction is stable. We believe that precise strategic planning is the base of a successful communication platform. We use all of the available data, plan and supervise the researches in order to build that solid base for our Clients.
Creative Campaign Development. Whether you’re dealing with constrained resources, or your team has simply hit a creative wall, sometimes crafting the best story requires the help of an outside perspective. That’s where we come in.
Media Planning. The wise choice gives you more new ideas. It’s not only about numbers, there's more in creativity and right choice. Knowing the Client’s business and the Client’s needs our planners deliver most cost-effective media plans and increase the Client’s visibility.
Media buying. The most expensive things are not always the best. We provide the best prices on media and keep the quality on the highest level.
Digital Communications. Just another one of those new, fancy words or you really need an agency? We create perfect digital journeys and powerful marketing stories following the trends. Through our experience we build enduring bonds between brands and people.
Events and Promotions. Be a guest at your own event! Every idea you have we will make it real with the utmost responsibility and commitment to the finest details, whether it’s an anniversary, corporate event, team building or promotion. The best staff will be hired for any event in promoting your campaign and brand.