General Manager

Elena Stefanova

Consistently “go the extra mile”. Never stop believing. Always ready for new challenges.


Aleksandra Stevkovska-Drenkovska

The gatekeeper, who takes care of the finances with perfection.

Executive HR Coordinator and Administrative Support

Marija Bakeva

The careful attention to detail that makes us so special.

Account Director

Aleksandra Lukic Kamilovska

A healthy perspective is what really matters to cross the borders.

Account Executive

Mihajlo Chaloski

Always friendly approach and mutual respect among ourselves and Clients.

Graphic Designer

Tome Kolev

The one who is always ready to take extra time and effort – and that makes the whole difference!

Graphic Designer

Aleksandar Naumoski

The clear vision and art touch that is always essential to make everything beautiful.

BTL & Production

Igor Kamilovski

The personal commitment to quality that is visible and original in everything we do.

Media Director

Nikola Anchevski

Dedication, insights, and humor that is extremely valuable to each success of this organization.

Media Manager

Biljana Trajkovska

Sharp and mindful on the final touches that make a good job a superior job.

New Media Strategic Planner

Vlado Kostovski

The humanity before and after all. And great strategic planning in between.